Boost your sequencing data analysis with our on-premises or as-a-service solutions

Our Solution

We develop custom, accurate and reproducible bioinformatics workflows combining Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing.

  • Standardized workflows and customization

  • Top accuracy using Artificial Intelligence

  • High parallelization and reproducibility

Standardized workflows and customization

We provide standardized workflows for the following DNA-seq applications:
  • - Whole Genome
  • - Whole Exome
  • - Amplicon/CaptureTargeted Sequencing

  • - Whole Genome
  • - Whole Exome
  • - Amplicon/CaptureTargeted Sequencing

We have developed and optimized bioinformatics workflows for the following NGS-based applications:
  • - RNA-Seq
  • - miRNA
  • - Long non coding RNA
  • - Retroviral DNA integrations

Are you interested in an application not listed above? Contact us for a free consultation on a tailor-made solution for you.

We work together with your bioinformatics team, customizing workflows according to your needs and training your group to use and manage workflows on their own.

In case you do not have an adequate computer cluster for processing and storage, we can still provide on-cloud or as-a-service solutions.

Discover how we have improved and speeded up the bioinformatics workflows for different clinical and research projects.

How We Work

  • Custom Projects

  • Delivery

Custom Projects

  • 1. We discuss with the customer all the bioinformatics needs.
  • 2. We write a proposal according to the specifics.
  • 3. The proposal is revised back and forth until both part agree on a final draft.
  • 4. We define a contract with milestones in term of deliverables and payments.
  • 5. We deliver.

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