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Genomic Variant Interpretation
to the Next Level

eVai platform enables geneticists to detect pathogenic genomic variants with an unprecedented accuracy and speed.

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A Continuous Learning Platform

eVai automatically applies ACMG, AMP, ClinGen guidelines to accurately report and classify
SNV, INDEL and CNV according to their pathogenicity.

eVai assigns a pathogenicity score to every variant thus enabling variant prioritization. Variants are classified and scored according to every possible related disease.

eVai takes into account multiple familiar relationships, such as trio and quartet, to evaluate every variant in the light of the possible inheritance patterns.

eVai enables users to create virtual gene panels and custom variant filters by leveraging on multiple omics resources such as Human Phenotype Ontology.

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On top of the benefits of our SaaS platform, we provide complete support for technical issues and product training. Contact us for personalized features, we enjoy such challenges.



Scientific publications and White papers confirm our constant strive to transfer research findings into professional software products.



Since 2011 our scientific team has been developing different bionformatics workflows (DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, Liquid Biopsy) for customers worldwide.

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